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Without knowing it people are marketing all the time. Whether it be about a football match they watched the night before or a restaurant they recently visited, people share their experiences with their friends, family and colleagues. Since we are in a consumer society, whether we are consuming food, water, wine, entertainment or even enjoying some recreational time, we as a people love sharing that experience with others.

When Hostify launched, blockchain technology was in full swing, in fact, it was around for 9 years already. It might be bizarre that blockchain technology, the technology behind Bitcoin and Ether is mentioned here. Well, blockchain technology has shown how we can live in a trustless, sharing economy (decentralised of course, but that is not important in this topic), without needing permission, or having complex procedures and systems.

Hostify believes in systems and processes that follow in the same light as blockchain technology. Our Hostify Affiliates System is one such process. Although not reliant on blockchain technology itself (yet), Hostify Affiliates has a similar methodology behind the decentralised disruptor.

The title of this blog is called Affiliate Marketing 2.0 because although ‘affiliate marketing’ is the same, we believe our methodology is not. What makes Hostify Affiliates so unique is that our signed up affiliates get a recurring commission, and why not? Yes, that’s right… Hostify Affiliates get paid for life – or close to it.

How does this happen? Easy. When a Hostify Affiliate successfully refers a new client to (signed up, ordered and paid for a service), the affiliate will receive a commission on the sign-up invoice the referred client has paid as well as every invoice that client pays for that service. We believe that that is a fair process for our Affiliates.

Why Recurring Commission? Managing Director of Hostify, Niko Koshiaris explains, “I remember when the internet was still finding its feet, there was a South African online retail store that I had signed up as an affiliate. It was amazing! At the same time I was running a community website and was looking for additional income streams for the website, so I placed my referral links there and I started earning a commission on sales. “

Sounds easy enough? It wasn’t. “It felt like easy money but it really wasn’t. The community website took a lot of my time. There were costs involved in being able to even have a place the affiliate link will be exposed to (there was no Twitter in those days). There was hosting costs, website maintenance costs, and the biggest cost of all was that I had to engage the users (relationship building) enough for them to not only trust me, but also trust the links they were clicking which were my affiliate links.”

Affiliate Marketing, as easy and as simple as it may seem can be hard work. That is the reason for the on-going recurring commission structure because holding and keeping relationships healthy (online and offline) is hard work. We at Hostify want to reward Affiliates for the relationships they build and hopefully, with the recurring incentive, Hostify can assist in maintaining those valuable relationships.

Niko continues, “It’s one thing getting a once off “finders-fee” or “spotters-fee”, it’s another thing when the ongoing value is constantly rewarded and that is what we are doing at Hostify. The most valuable of relationships are built over time, not once off. Our services are on-going, and if a client is referred why shouldn’t the affiliate who referred them get rewarded on all the spend he or she made possible instead of just the first one?”

If an Affiliate signs up a web hosting client, they will receive a percentage of whatever the client spends with Hostify Web Hosting – for life!
We are excited for you to join us and adding Hostify to your network.

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to join the already hundreds of successful Hostify Affiliates and start earning!