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Navigating the world of businesses connected to the internet can be difficult. Who to trust? Who is a scam? Who is legitimate? Can I trust this person or organisation?

How can your business be trusted? One of the things MD Niko Koshiaris always looks out for when looking to hire a person or business is their email address. “I am still shocked at the amount of business in South Africa that are still using a @gmail email address for their business email. You would think in 2018 that you would see less of this and more”

“For me, it all starts with a domain name. Once a business has a domain name I am happy to continue on with them because it shows commitment to their brand and identity, and they value it enough to not share limit marketing opportunities with anyone else but themselves.”

Hostify has made it simple for anyone, no matter the size of the business to get a professional email address associated with a domain that represents their business and activities accurately.

“People, myself included will simply take your business more seriously at the off-set when you have your own domain name. The website and all the bells and whistles can come later. Start with a domain name and get a proper email address.” explains Niko.

Hostify has developed simple plans for customers to take out and manage in order for them to up their game in their business life. From R39 per month, you can host professional email addresses with your business’s domain name. Add a free domain when you pay for 3 months in advance and you will be well on your way.

Niko Koshiaris adds, “I think the IT and Internet space in South Africa has been dominated and marketed to the boffins and not the guy in the street who is trying to hustle in their business. We put together services so simple to use and manage, anyone can get a professional email address and not just the people in the know.”

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