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Well into the second half of 2018 and South Africa has a new president, the Gupta Family apparent exploits are coming to an end and corruption is getting hammered. So then why are most South Africans still battling financially? Things were meant to get better in South Africa however, financially speaking, they have become worse.

Niko Koshiaris, Managing Director of Hostify has an idea as to what you can do about the current financial challenges:

– I recall in 2008 listening to the radio on my way to a meeting and the presenter on the public radio station I was listening to was asking the question, ‘What are you doing to survive the recession?’ If you are unaware, there was a global market recession during 2008 to around 2010 in South Africa, and the public was feeling it.

In between fielding calls of listeners sharing how they have cut down in their personal lives on x y  and z, the presenter confirmed that he had downgraded his vehicle in an effort to save a bit of money every month.

I recall having a thought that I clung on to when I was listening to that program and my response to the question, ‘What are you doing to survive the recession?’ was this – Make more money.

We have become terribly reliant on salaries and job security. I am not sure if “job security” exists any longer. If we can’t rely on our jobs what can we rely on? Ourselves.

Sure, easy for me to say I have been online since the mid-90s, that is a lot of experience and understanding. It has become easier for everyone and continues to become easier at a phenomenal rate. Let me share an example;

In the 1990s if you wanted to create a website you had to know how to code in HTML. It is still the case now, or at least now, one of the multitudes of ways to create a website is to know how to code in HTML. With Hostify you can deploy a website in literally minutes without any coding whatsoever.

Even editing and designing websites have become simpler for users with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors, hundreds of free templates and plugins that really make website management and setup simple there is little excuse people can have now to not start a website.

Hostifys Web Hosting give our clients direct access to hundreds of web services and platforms like WordPress, Joomla and other great Open Source technologies to take advantage of. You can start a blog in minutes with WordPress, or add the WooCommerce plugin and start selling products online. Anyone with a simple bank account can start accepting credit card payments for their online store – Hostify uses PayFast for that, and we highly recommend them.

With hundreds of web software and services (mostly free) to use, the only question left to ask now is what online business are you going to start? Start a discussion forum, publish your photographs on a photography website and get more photography gigs or get your plumbing business online and attract more sales.

There is an internet of possibilities in 2018 and Hostify is ready to lead the way.

So I guess the final question is, what are you going to do? What are you going to do online? How are you going to take back control of your financial well-being? Here is a tip – do you 😉
You are the most niche product in the world.

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