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Happy New Year to all of our awesome customers. Everyone at Hostify wish you the very best in everything you seek out to achieve this 2019!

When I was at school (congratulations to all the Matrics that passed in 2018!) and the new year rolled around, I remember that I had this sense of doing better than the year before. I think we all feel that to a degree? A clean slate. A fresh start. Most of us have dreams that we want to realise in one way or another. No matter what I had achieved or not achieved in the year before it didn’t really matter because the new year was upon us, and that meant another shot at whatever I was trying to do.

This is the feeling we hope many South Africans out there are feeling right now because it is a Good Year to Start Something New… And there hasn’t ever been a greater time on the internet and everything it has to offer that you can take advantage of right now.

Let’s face it, times are tough, and economically, they seem to be getting tougher. Most people in the world worry about money. They don’t call it Janu-worry because you are worried about going back to work, no, it’s all about money. So take control of your money situation and Start Something New. encourages South Africans to take that first step and start something new – whether it be a simple blog, an online store, or a service-related offering, something online that can enrich yourself and others around you. You know you have been thinking about it and asking friends and people close to you about it. Well I’m here to tell you to “Just Do It”.

The internet is packed full of possibilities for young, energetic future entrepreneurs and business people, even side-hustlers. You know who you are. You know who you are because it feels like a calling to greatness, and greatness has never been more possible to acheive than in these moments.

From being a Social Media Influencer, to starting an e-commerce store and selling goods or services online to literally a global market, or posting your favourite cat pictures (yes, cats are still a thing on the internet) there are tons, literally tons or opportunities to take, and the new year is a perfect time to start. My advice on what to do – do what you want to do, not what will make the most money. Follow your passion because passions breed success.

Registering a new domain name is a great first step! It shows intention. It’s like having a newborn baby and naming it. Newborn babies can’t talk, walk, and they certainly cannot earn any money. Just like newly registered domain name can’t bring any side-hustle income by itself. There are, however, with newborn babies and newly registered domain names, a plethora of possibilities and opportunities.

Even Google had to register “”. They even miss-pelt it! And now look at it. The most popular domain name on the internet.

Take the step… start that side hustle, it’s the greatest time to start one!

And to get you motivated, here is Gary Vaynerchuk, Belarusian American entrepreneur, author, speaker and internet personality.

We would love to hear from you and the side-hustle you have or would like to start. Go ahead and do it! Make your day! Make your year! One step at a time.

Happy New Year 2019! May it be the greatest year of our lives so far!