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Not only must your business be online to attract customers, but the manner in which it operates in this realm must be tailored to success. There are many things that your business can do to achieve solid results in this medium. Make sure that you observe and follow some of the hallmarks of a successful online business. Here is what you can do to ensure that technology works for you to help you turn a profit.

An SSL Certificate

If your business is going to need to accept users’ personal or credit information, then it will need an SSL certificate in order to properly protect the page. This will encrypt the connection between the user and your website. If you do not have this SSL certificate, then your customers’ information is vulnerable to being hacked. All you really need is one hack to lose the faith of your customers. SSL certificates do not cost a lot of money, but it is something that you need to spend to protect the reputation and integrity of your site.

Branded Domain Name

If your domain name does not match your business or is simply too difficult to remember and enter, it is likely that users will not be flocking to your site. Try to have something that is relatively short and keep it on the .com domain. Concise domain names are now considered essential components of a business’s online presence. If customers have to type in too many letters or your name is not on the tips of their tongue, they will go to another site that they can easily recall. If you can make sure that your business name contains a keyword that people use to search, it will further increase your visibility.

A Strong Reputation

Eventually, people will come to know your online business. When they do, they will be talking about you in various places online. You will start to pick up some reviews. Make sure that you encourage customer feedback and incentivize them to post reviews in various places. You can also address negative comments in a way that shows you care about your customers’ feelings. Once others see that you have a successful track record of pleasing your customers, they will begin to gravitate to you. This is a double-edged sword. If your reputation is less than stellar, you will not give people a reason to try your business.

Good Web Hosting

Web hosting will impact the speed at which your webpage loads when your customers attempt to access it. If your hosting is weak, it will take a long time for people to get onto your website. That is the same as essentially telling your customers to leave your site. They will not want to come back if it is difficult and takes too long to access the page. Pay close attention to the metrics and stats of web hosting because these things matter.

A Professional Appearance

Your website cannot look amateurish. That means that it must have a professional design and have no mistakes whatsoever. When your online presence is riddled with errors, people will lose trust in your business. They will think that your entire business is slapdash, and they will not believe that you can get the job done for them. You should keep some money in your budget for professional web design unless you have particular expertise in web design.

Internet Connection

While nobody is on dial-up modems anymore, you need to be able to interface and communicate with your customers online. This means that you will need a fast connection so you do not waste time answering their questions and do not miss any customer queries. While you do not need every bell and whistle, you also need to make sure that your connection is faster than a crawl. You want to be able to either fill orders quickly if you sell online or be able to respond quickly in general.


Your website needs to be found when people are in their online travels. If you do not show up in search engine rankings, people will not even know that you exist. Make sure that you use principles of SEO for your website to make your page friendly for the search engine algorithms. Use keywords in your content, but do not try to overuse them. Trying too hard at SEO can actually backfire on your search rankings. SEO is basically free traffic for which you do not need to pay. You just simply gear your page to what Google and Bing are looking for, and you will be seen.

What you do to and for your website will have an immediate impact on the success and viability of your online footprint. Follow these rules, and your business will be off to a great start.