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There are so many ways to market and advertise a business today. One of the best approaches to spreading the word about your company is to ensure that it is listed online with the search engines. While Google is the search engine that probably comes to most peoples’ minds first, it’s a mistake to stop there. A Bing business listing provides several advantages for retail businesses. When you upload digital assets to the internet, like a website, you are placing them into a marketing mechanism that never sleeps. If your website is optimized for the search engines through search engine optimization, you’ll automatically begin to receive a competitive edge over your peers, especially when the competition is stiff due to high saturation levels in your geographic location. Here are three reasons that your business should have a Bing business listing.

Free and Easy to Use

First and foremost, listing your business on the Bing search engine is free. Secondly, it is user-friendly. The process takes about thirty minutes to complete. From the Bing website, search for your company. When you find it, claim it. Then, you will be asked to fill in your profile and company information. The more information you provide about your business, the more successful the listing will be. Plus, detailed information on your Bing business listing adds credibility. Today, pictures and video snippets are very popular, so if you have them, add them. For example, if your establishment serves food, consider showcasing food dishes and adding links to the menu. If there are any special events, like senior discount days or clearance sales, this information may sway someone to visit your establishment instead of another. Once the listing is published, it begins reaching audiences organically around the clock.

Wide Reach

Study after study shows that consumers are still using the search engines to research product and service information before they make a purchase or visit an establishment 88 percent of the time. This means that search business listings do have a wide reach. While the Bing search engine is not as popular as the Google search engine, there are still dedicated Bing users that you could be attracting, too. A Bing business listing gives your listing a map. Your company will also begin to show up on the search results, which is desirable.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Having a Bing business listing can help your search engine rankings. This is turn helps increase revenue. When you claim your company on the Bing search engine and fill in all the blanks, you are helping Bing. The search engine’s algorithms pick up all the information and begin to use it for indexing purposes. Proper indexing leads to better rankings, especially in desired categories based on specific keywords. The more visibility your business, such as a retail store, gains, the more customers you are likely to attract. More customers mean more income coming through your establishment and hopefully, an increase in revenue. Even better, it is coming from a listing that was free to set up.

Access to Analytics

Analytics are becoming a part of everyone’s life. Most of the time, the analytics behind a service, product or advertisement are not obvious, but it does not mean that they are not a driving force. When you are surfing the web, there is a reason why the ads that show up appear on websites. When you claim and publish a Bing business listing, you will receive access to Bing’s analytics for that listing. With those, you can find out when users are searching for stores that sell similar products to yours. In advanced analytics, demographic information is made available, too. There you can begin to truly understand your customer base and how to capture other customer segments as well.

Given that it is free to list your business, if you have not claimed your Bing business listing, it is in your best interest to do so. After you have filled in the company information completely and verified that you are authorized to maintain the listing, a few fee-based marketing services may be offered to you. It is up to you if you want to pay for other services or just maintain the free listing.




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