Does Your Store Have a Bing Business Listing?

Does Your Store Have a Bing Business Listing? There are so many ways to market and advertise a business today. One of the best approaches to spreading the word about your company is to ensure that it is listed online with the search engines. While Google is the search engine that probably comes to most […]

7 Pillars of a Powerful Online Presence

Not only must your business be online to attract customers, but the manner in which it operates in this realm must be tailored to success. There are many things that your business can do to achieve solid results in this medium. Make sure that you observe and follow some of the hallmarks of a successful […]

Digital Security Tips for Businesses in the Digital Era

All too frequently, there are stories in the news about hackers breaching the cyber defenses of major corporations and stealing highly sensitive data. However, while most of the news coverage focuses on major companies, thousands of small businesses are also the victims of frequent cyber-attacks. Unlike the major companies, they often don’t have the same […]

A Good Year To Start Something New

Happy New Year to all of our awesome customers. Everyone at Hostify wish you the very best in everything you seek out to achieve this 2019! When I was at school (congratulations to all the Matrics that passed in 2018!) and the new year rolled around, I remember that I had this sense of […]

What are SSL Certificates?

“What’s that Padlock Thingy?” – We have been asked that question many times over the past few years, and it’s more relevant now than it ever has been. SSL Certificates are fundamental to internet security. They are used to establish an encrypted connection and allow data to be transmitted securely between a browser or user’s […]

Tough Economic Times – What can you do?

Well into the second half of 2018 and South Africa has a new president, the Gupta Family apparent exploits are coming to an end and corruption is getting hammered. So then why are most South Africans still battling financially? Things were meant to get better in South Africa however, financially speaking, they have become worse. […]

Why Your Online Identity Is Important

Navigating the world of businesses connected to the internet can be difficult. Who to trust? Who is a scam? Who is legitimate? Can I trust this person or organisation? How can your business be trusted? One of the things MD Niko Koshiaris always looks out for when looking to hire a person or business is […]

Affiliate Marketing 2.0

Without knowing it people are marketing all the time. Whether it be about a football match they watched the night before or a restaurant they recently visited, people share their experiences with their friends, family and colleagues. Since we are in a consumer society, whether we are consuming food, water, wine, entertainment or even enjoying […]

Welcome to the Hostify Blog

Thank for you checking out. We have just launched our blog and we are uber excited about it. Here you will find some useful articles about as well as some great articles aimed at assisting you with your experience. From business setup blogs to in-depth server setups we are confident you will […]