Digital Security Tips for Businesses in the Digital Era

All too frequently, there are stories in the news about hackers breaching the cyber defenses of major corporations and stealing highly sensitive data. However, while most of the news coverage focuses on major companies, thousands of small businesses are also the victims of frequent cyber-attacks. Unlike the major companies, they often don’t have the same […]

Why Your Online Identity Is Important

Navigating the world of businesses connected to the internet can be difficult. Who to trust? Who is a scam? Who is legitimate? Can I trust this person or organisation? How can your business be trusted? One of the things MD Niko Koshiaris always looks out for when looking to hire a person or business is […]

Welcome to the Hostify Blog

Thank for you checking out. We have just launched our blog and we are uber excited about it. Here you will find some useful articles about as well as some great articles aimed at assisting you with your experience. From business setup blogs to in-depth server setups we are confident you will […]